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NGUYEN Duc Trung Kien, PhD

DO Quang Trung, Assoc. Prof.

+ Optoelectronic and phosphor materials

+ Light-reflective films based on semiconductor oxide materials 

+ 1-D functional nanomaterials (ZnO, ZnS, MoSx, etc.) 

+ Nanocarbon materials and their applications

NGUYEN Tu, Assoc. Prof.

+ ZnS, ZnO, SnO2, ZnO/SnO2 and ZnS/ZnO synthesis and their luminescence properties

+ Phosphor materials for wLED applications 

NGO Ngoc Ha, PhD

+ Optoelectronic and phosphor materials

+ Silicon photonics and their applications

+ Physical effects in low-dimensional structural materials


+ Synthesis and characterizations of phosphor materials for WLED and plant growth lighting applications. 

+ Synthesis, electrical and thermal characterizations of complex thermoelectric materials: Half-Heusler, skutterudite, oxide, silicide. 

+ Fabrication of thermoelectric power generation (TEG) module for mid- and high-temperature applications.

TRAN Manh Trung, PhD

+ Metal oxide semiconductor, nano Si-based, nanocarbon and phosphor materials for optoelectronic applications and wLED applications

+ Nano-sensors based on polymer nanocomposite materials for sensing applications: volatile organic compounds (VOC), pressure, strain, humidity, temperature, etc.