Surface oxygen vacancies of ZnO: A facile fabrication method and their contribution to the photoluminescence

N. Tu*, H. Van Bui, D.Q. Trung, Anh-Tuan Duong, D.M. Thuy, D.H. Nguyen, K.T. Nguyen, P.T. Huy*


  • ZnO@C core@shell particles are fabricated by ball-milling technique .
  • Surface oxygen vacancies are created by annealing ZnO@C in oxygen at 600 °C .
  • Surface oxygen vacancies cause the far-red emission of the ZnO phosphor .

Today, Prof. PHAM THANH HUY - President of the Phenikaa University shared a talk with VTV3 Program "Cafe sáng" o "Coffee Morning" about: Choosing your future career by your interest or your parents' orientation.

Time: 7:10 - 7:30 21/05

In frame of this talk, Prof. HUY also explained the idea and the important role of the Preparation, Goal and Self-studying in the students' life.

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